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Bobby/Liz - Requiem for a Snowflake - Audience Reviews

(Starring Bobby Lee Dartt as 'Petey'/ Directed by Elizabeth Baron)

Rating / Reviews from Boulder International Fringe Festival's Website - August 2009
QZSioux  5 Stars!
Wow what a delight. This is the best one man show I have seen in a very long time. Its mesmerizing and a wonderful confirmation of our humanity. I see the Elephant Man and cough drops differntly now. I loved it ~ dont miss it. 
5 Stars!

5 Stars!
Nancy Trojanowski  5 Stars!
Requiem is a brilliant production, soloing an absolutely brilliant actor, Bobby Dartt. The character Petey, a clown, IMMEDIATELY draws you into his world, and everything else around you falls away. Peteys stories bring out deep, authentic belly laughs, and then you find yourself shifted to a place deep in your heart. Petey has the voice of innocence and wisdom, and the audience walks away with substleties that arise even hours after the show. I felt I could hang out with Petey for hours and

CLP  5 Stars!
Go and see this show, it just may change your life. Petey is hilarious, profound, and adorable. Bobby Lee Dartts work is a breath of fresh air. Overall poetic, whimsical, a lovely dream you dont ever want to wake up from!
DenverDave  5 Stars!
Quirky and engaging, with tender treatment of death and other heavy subject matter youd never expect from a clown show. Very well-written and well-performed. A pleasant, enjoyable surprise.

Vicky Wright  5 Stars!
Absolutely phenommenal!!! It totally blew me away. What an incredible muscian/performer/comedian/artist.... he has just got this incredible spell-binding quality to his work. It is a 150%must see! Have never seen anything like it!
Chris  5 Stars!
This performace says it clearly: All life is sacred. Your heart and soul are pulled into focus, your funny bone is tickled, and a glint of a teardrop both tender-hearted and happy can be sweetly felt upon your face. Bottom line is that it feels good to be alive. Experience this show and experience life!

Kathleen Lenover  5 Stars!
My pleasure! I mean it - my PLEASURE. I was fascinated having some sense of what it really took to get all the elements so mastered that they would flow smoothly. The lines, the timing, the body language, the engaging the audience, the humor, the profound depth, the costume, the props, the exiting and entrance, the pacing with audiences reactions, facial expressions! I was mesmerized. The emotional roller coaster you were able to create and control was exciting. I went from deep sadness t

Erica  5 Stars!
This show is amazing from the very first moment. Petey is at his finest taking you on a roller coaster ride of joy & playfulness, love & kisses, tenderness & compassion. He always gives you something to THINK about. He takes you places you never thought youd go but always brings you back safely. A SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED! 

M. Martin  5 Stars!
If I had to choose one show to see, this would be it, no question. This show delivers! The location is convenient - one minute from Pearl Street Mall. So, grab a bite to eat, stroll on over and enjoy this thoughtful, tender, humorous, edgy performance. 

Sam  5 Stars!
Clever and unexpected twists and turns made this show a breath of fresh air. I will be back!

Lynn  5 Stars!
This show is AWESOME! Thank God, Petey is back this year! Hell make you laugh and cry - at him, at yourself. He is SO sincere, so innocent. Until he is not: And that keeps you rivited the whole show. I have already bought tickets for 3 more Snow shows. Totally worth it!

Doug  5 Stars!
Great show! Surprise after surprise after surprise! Great humor at times very unexpectedintertwined with good music - Bobby Dartt has an intrinsic sense of timing and heart. Ill see this one again!

Wes  5 Stars!
Come and see why Petey is a Fringe FAVORITE. He ROCKED the house at the pre-opening sampler show Wednesday night and received a whopping ovation. He tickles your fancy on every level. Bring your friends and enjoy the ride. Nothing else like it!

B. Stout  5 Stars!
Petey is a delight and Bob is a master of his craft. This is a must see. 
Clifford  5 Stars!
Happy/sad/happy stream of thought. Great lessons on being a grandpa.

DD  5 Stars!
Speaking as a person who loves music, humor and authenticity - Bobby Lee Dartt takes the cake! Amazing, witty and tender with a definite TWIST of the unexpected is what Requiem for a Snowflake is all about. Come and sit in the lovliness of this special, talented artist. And bring someone special to share it with.

T Swanson  5 Stars!
We enjoyed to musical s of the mandolin and harmonica in this all-encompassing performance. Never a dull moment, the hour flys by long before you are ready for it to end!

Tina Smith  5 Stars!
WOW!!! I had never met Petey before - And I was so touched by Peteys heart, his humor and of course the stories and songs. I thought the play was incredible. It had passion and soul. As I was driving home to Highlands Ranch I kept smiling at all the faces of Petey, I think that is what really made the show. So if you anyone is thinking about coming to see this --- Do it – it will make you smile and laugh!!!

Ally  1 Stars!
Was that a tomato on his face, it should have been

Colleen M.  5 Stars!
Petey is so incredibly BRILLIANT!!! I love romping around in absurdity and poignancy with Petey as my guide. I had a great, moving time. Go see this! This is a performer who can charm and dazzle you with his pinky finger.

Emily K.  5 Stars!
i have no idea what happened, but i know i inexplicably loved it. petey is hilarious.

Anonymous  5 Stars!
RBM  5 Stars!
I LOVE PETEY! Hes talented, sweet, thoughtful, truthful and VERY funny!

Dr. Roger Teel  5 Stars!
This is a fantastic show. It offers such a range of experiences, from belly laughs to poignant moments. Boby Dartts acting is phenomenal. Dont miss it!

Wade  5 Stars!
I loved this show--just loved it. The writing is excellent and the acting superb. Youll laugh, cry and grow! This is a MUST SEE finge show!

L. Leznorzmorvil  5 Stars!
Its like Petey is channeling Red Skelton and George Carlin. He touches the Petey in all of us!!!

5 Stars!

Kent and Kathleen Rautenstraus  5 Stars!
Tender, hilarious, original, thought provoking and totally lovable -- that Petey, as portrayed by Bobby Dartt, a compelling and talented actor/musician/clown. Our spirits are renewed and our creativity tuned up after experiencing Requiem For A Snowflake. What a great, fresh night of theater! We give it five out of five harmonicas, five out of five snowflakes, five out of five hi-fives. Go -- no RUN -- to this play!

Nicholas Barth  5 Stars!
Bobbys mastery of character would allow any subject matter to amaze. Incredibly he has delved into the heart of the impermanence of life and left us elated. Best of Show mate!
Lucia  5 Stars!
Petey the clown is endearing, whimsical, and pretty much genius. GO to see this show!

Deanne  5 Stars!
Wow, what an amazing experience! Its a creative, poignant expression of life. I would see it again...

Job D  5 Stars!
Do your self a favor and check this show out again. I know I will.

Stel Fine  5 Stars!
This show and performer were AMAZING!!! So original, wry, whimsical, deep and funny all at the same time. I was very touched and awed. There was so much wonder, freshness, and imagination in the show. Truly a gem! Dont miss it.

Nina D  5 Stars!
I saw this due to a referral I got from three different people. Totally worth it - a real gem of the Fringe! I will absolutely see it again! FIVE STARS!!!!!

Paula Belleggie  5 Stars!
Booby was magnificent the show was funny, poignant and thought-provoking.

S & T Kindsfather  5 Stars!
Requiem for a Snowflake deserves Five Stars plus. Yet the show has only one star, Bobby Dartt. The show takes you through a full range of emotions, mostly laughter. Too bad there is only one front row for this show!

Eliza  1 Stars!
NOT great. Not sure which show these folks went to. I was hoping for a rollicking, fun, thoughtful journey and story, but was left asking, What was the point? I think it would have been better red nose OFF.

lala  5 Stars!
Sublime. Sweet. With a hint of sinister. Grandpa school is unforgettable!
Sprinkles the clown  4 Stars!
Sweet,. . and funny, dark and thought provoking. Not for kids, more for adults who are in touch with their inner child. I liked the performace but wished it would come together more smoothly. It was a little disjointed. Character wise it was sweet and well done!

Susan T  5 Stars!
I LOVED this performance! Bobby Dartt draws you into the heart and soul of the innocent and truthful Petey. He tells it like it is. Somehow, coming out of his mouth, even the most dire subjects are real and beautiful. There is no wall between the truth and what is. How refreshing! It is something I will strive for in my own life. We need more of this in the world - humor, reality, truth. Lighten up by seeing this show and see how your perspective can change simply be telling the truth. It is a D

Mike  5 Stars!
Very cool show. I did not know what to expect, but I was taken for a fun ride I wont soon forget. Treat yourself to this performance! If my Grandpa lived here, Id take him. Hed get a whopping kick out of it. At 87, he still loves to laugh at life that way. Thanks for a sincere, humorous, originally different and creative show, Bobby Dartt.

JRS  5 Stars!
This was the first snowball fight I have been in in August! Cool interactive idea. The creativity was phenomonal and the show is FUN FUN FUN! It makes you think and laugh and cry and wonder. A masterfully done Red Nose performance, and I have seen many. Deep yet crazy fun. Nice job! SEE IT! Rating

JRS  5 Stars!
This was the first snowball fight I have been in in August! Cool interactive idea. The creativity was phenomonal and the show is FUN FUN FUN! It makes you think and laugh and cry and wonder. A masterfully done Red Nose performance, and I have seen many. Deep yet crazy fun. Nice job! SEE IT! Rating

Jess  5 Stars!
Best show I have seen so far. It was a roller coaster ride I did not want to end. Seriously - see this performance!

David Bergner  5 Stars!
Bobby Dartt is up to something very very special with the character of Petey. Petey makes us laugh, think, appreciate the thrill, joy, and fragility of life, and pushes us to open up and be more human with one another. There is precious work being done here. SEE THE SHOW!!! So so SO good.

Shari Soroka  5 Stars!
Nicely done! Snowflakes are unique and temporary. This show is about recognizing that life is short and letting those around you know you love them. Bobby has an amazing stage presence! He has the perfect face for the stage! This will touch your heart. It also has some fun, silly interactive portions that you wont want to miss.

5 Stars!
So unique and wonderful! Hilarious and deeply touching.

Stacy  5 Stars!
A wonderfully written show and skillful performance! Make time to go see this very memorable and totally hilarious creation!!!

delisa  5 Stars!
petey is huggably adorable with a rugged edge of profound depth, loved the snowball fight and the way he lightly touched on the fleeting reality of all things. thank you for the sparkling eyes and vibrant reminder of now....poof

tim  5 Stars!
Within an hour Petey welcomed me into his world, widened my eyes, and gave me a little more truth to hold on to. His storytelling is truly foolish, poetic, and complete. This is a unique view of the beautiful and temporary nature of life. Please see it.

Stephanie  5 Stars!
Very good show and well acted. Excellent mix of humor and meaningfull content. I really enjoyed it.

claire  5 Stars!
oh what a ride.......loved it......Its wonderful theatre when I must sit a few moments after show ends to get my mind and body back together............. an I say... cause its me.... you could always do more Prince songs!!

Beth  5 Stars!
One of the best, if not the best, show I saw at this years Fringe--and there are some good shows!! Petey is hilarious at times and almost unbearable tender at others. This show touched me. A Fringe MUST SEE!

Judi Strahota  5 Stars!
good writing [whacked, for sure], with excellent character development, professionally performed with strong consistent energy

5 Stars!

Terry  5 Stars!
Well, this was a TREAT for sure! I am glad I saw it. The group I was with howled and afterward had a lot to talk about. A gem of a preformance. A gem of a performer. FIVE STARS all the way!

Donna  5 Stars!
magic, tender, funny. It has stayed with me in a way the other shows havent.